Yoshiyuki sadamoto artbook carmine

Yoshiyuki sadamoto illustrations carmine came out as a limited edition boxed set in march. This giant art book included works from flcl, neon genesis evangelion, nadia secret of blue water, aim for the top. Sign as well as few original illustrations. Is a gorgeous collection of illustration art works by character designer. Manga artist yoshiyuki sadamoto, most well known for his character design work on the massively successful evangelion series.
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T have many minutes on the video footage, so that. S why i had to skim the pages. Seiten ein muss für neon genesis evangelion fans. 32, 6 x 25, 8 x 2 cm japan.
Yoshiyuki sadamoto artwork from the carmine. Music by sagisu shirou. The final decision we all must take. From the movie evangelion 2. Amazing art book, a great addition to the collection. It is soft cover unfortunately, but pretty sturdy. Re a fan of the artist, this book is exactly what you.