Libsndfile play wav

This is not really required for sdl, except for a few corner cases like 24 bit pcm but would be useful for non. Openal already uses it. M attempting to upload a recording that is in wav format, but i keep getting this error message. This file is not supported by libsndfile.
Libsndfile is a cross platform library for reading and writing common file formats like wav, aiff, au, as well as flac and ogg. I am using using libsndfile read and manipulate sound files. I am wandering what whould be the simplest way to play these sounds in real time in qt.
Tos of this serie, this is also a side. Effect of the project i. Ve been working recently. Libsndfile is a very popular library. Code that reads a wav file and stores read values to a 1d array of.
Useful libsndfile options. Build shared library. When on, build static library othervise. This option is on by default. S utilities from programs. Directory, on by default. Build examples, on by default. Libsndfile is a c library for reading and writing files containing sampled sound. Such as ms windows wav and the apple. Through one standard library interface. It is released in source code format under the gnu lesser general public license.