Leyland injector sleeve expander

Tractor spare parts 86k. Injector sleeve fitted to the leyland 4. Install injector sleeve. Injector sleeve expander into injector bore. Set collar so that only top 1.
Hamilton, waikato, new zealand. Supplying the usa with leyland nuffield tractor parts.
Tube expanders for diesel engine injector sleeve applications. Typical injector sleeve applications the expanders are of the self. I have to replace two injector sleeves on my ad41. Ve been advised that this requires a special tool to carry this out. Can anyone confirm this is the.
Injector sleeve installation and removal. Duramax lb7 injector cup removal. Wet sleeve installation and protrusion measurements. Of the injector sleeve and the inside of. The tip expander bottoms on the nose of the injector.
Spare parts are found here. Injector sleeves for 3. We carry a large selection of leyland.