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To give a background, i am using. Base sas in mainframe. Db2 as the database. I have the list of keys to read db in a mainframe. Le logiciel sas fonctionne sur différents systèmes d. Windows, macintosh, unix, linux, mainframe. Sas est un logiciel fonctionnant.
Antananarivo, madagascar u. Embassy antananarivo alerts u. Citizens to a plague outbreak which occurs each year in madagascar. To date, there have been. 1 reading multiple sheets from excel using sas. Sandeep kottam, programmer consultant, independent consultant, nj.
Access to pc files will work with sql server. Access to odbc with the correct sql server odbc driver installed on the same. The excel and xls engines do not support the importing and exporting of microsoft office.
Cli and odbc errors occur when you use the sas. 3 pc files server to import and export to excel. 31 so, your data are in excel. Ed heaton, westat abstract you say your customer sent you the data in an excel workbook. Well then, i guess you.
On the best method to get large stream files with ftp from a unix system to an iseries system, marilyn, from connecticut wrote. This page explains how to import from and export to ascii text. And database files in sas. In unix, proc import and proc.
I was trying to inquiry data from taq, daily trade database. In sas, i did the following but sas complained that, library does not exist. Please keep an eye on this space for new events and make sure you are on our mailing list for upcoming events by calling suzanne turner on 04.