Urdu muhavare in urdu font

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Ajj ke video mein 2 mashoor muhavre ke tareekh ke mutaliq bataya gaya hai. Asman se gira khajoor mein atka. Dosron ke tangain kheenchna. Just like most of the language currently being spoken in multiple parts of the world, this language also contains beautiful sayings and idioms in it that are called urdu muhavare. Urdu muhavare or urdu idioms are different from urdu zarb ul misal or urdu proverbs. These small phrases are muhavare lets speaker to convey the message more understandable and convey the message within few words with a full understanding of the context of the message.
Urdu muhavare by dr khushnuda nilofar, اردو محاورے ڈاکٹر خوشنوده نیلوفر. Urdu for kids presents a home. Based, interactive urdu learning program for the whole family. The fun filled urdu curriculum combines interactive urdu lessons and activities with printable urdu worksheets for practice and reinforcement.