Xeams maildrop already locked

The server responded. Err your mailbox is already locked. I have not found anything that has helped to fix the issue. Your help is greatly appreciated. When i try to connect to the server, it comes back with an error of. Maildrop is already locked. This just came out of nowhere and is strange.
Error maildrop already locked email user in my office complaint because she could not download email from mdaemon server. Err maildrop already locked. When tb receives such error, it getting confused and asks to enter username. Password for the account, it might fill the.
Mail server responded. Mail drop already locked. I searched here and there but i didn. T find anything useful. Thanks for your help. Error maildrop already locked outlook mdaemon keygen. Rs aggarwal quantitative aptitude pdf free download for gate exams.
The error in the log is. Maildrop already locked. Lck file with their username on the mdaemon server. Unable to lock maildrop, mailbox is locked by pop server.