Nearest tenth decimal

In this lesson you will learn how to round decimals to the nearest tenth by using a number line. To the nearest tenth. Created by sal khan and monterey institute for technology and education.
Rounds each element of x to the nearest integer. In the case of a tie, where an element has a fractional part of exactly 0. 5, the round function rounds away from zero to the integer with larger magnitude. _____ answer key rounding decimals to the nearest tenth round each decimal number to the nearest tenth.
How do you round a decimal to the nearest tenth. I mentally circle the tenths digit. The first digit after the period. Algebra on khan academy. No way, basic concept of rounding decimal numbers to nearest tenths.
Rounds a value to the nearest integer or specified number of decimal places. To round a number to the nearest tenth decimal, the number you start with must be as precise as the. Decimal place, which is the third number after the decimal point. For example, you can. T round 8 to a tenth decimal place, or 7. 5, but you can round out 8.
In order to round to the nearest tenth, we need to know where the tenths place is. Here is a visual look at place value. The tenths place is to the right of the decimal point. Our rounded answer will stop at the tenths place. We use the hundredths place to help us determine the value that needs to be in the tenths place. Award winning educational materials like worksheets, games, lesson plans and activities designed to help kids succeed.
To round to the nearest tenth of a percent, a person must reduce two or more decimal points to one decimal point. For instance, a percentage of is. Round numbers to thousands, hundreds, tens, ones, tenths, hundredths and thousandths. Online calculator for rounding numbers. How to round numbers and.
Rounding to the nearest tenth. When you are rounding a number to the nearest tenth, you are trying to find out which tenth of a number your number is closest to. An interactive math lesson about rounding decimals to the nearest tenth.