Terason t3000 transducers

System is based upon teratech architecture, the most significant ultrasound system architecture breakthrough in years. United medical instruments, inc. Presents the terason usmart line. Of ultrasound systems to the veterinary market.
Portable ultrasound system with two like new vascular linear linear transducers. The 12l5 or 15l4 linear transducer is. Buy a used terason t. Ultrasound system for sale at the lowest price on the market. Compare our terason t. Used price to our competitors.
Terason intranet login. As an industry pioneer, terason developed portable ultrasound scanners to enhance clinical efficacy and increase productivity for everyday clinical needs.
Purchase terason ultrasound systems used from medcorp llc. Ultrasound system is a powerful, portable imaging solution that offers image quality, transducers.
16hl7 hockey stick transducer, probe for msk, intraoperative, venous, ultrasound imaging, exams. Was designed for a variety of applications, including anesthesia, breast, cardiology, musculoskeletal, portable, small parts and vascular imaging. Built to operate like a standard pc or laptop, the t. Includes functionality that everyone will recognize.