Slr british army

British army infantry weapons. This section covers the basic infantry weapons that a infantry section would have been equipped. Loading rifle, also known as the slr. By the canadian army designation c1a1. Or in the us as the.
S that had a mixture of furniture, and one very useful albeit unofficial use was the cocking handle made a great bottle opener as. British army of the rhine impression from the. Featuring 68 pattern dpm, 58 webbing, slr, sterling and gpmg.
Find great deals on ebay for british army slr. Shop with confidence. The l1a1 was the standard british army infantry assault rifle from the mid. S through to the late. S, ultimately being replaced by the bullpup.
1, rifles were ordered to be built for the british army. A pattern by gunsmith william grice, based on german rifles in use by the. Loading rifle, also known by the canadian army designation c1, as the slr, or in the usa as the.