Install freetds en debian

Regarding the problems mentioned on here with the format that datetime columns are returned in. Running on debian lenny and used apt. You may need to enable the pdo driver for your database of choice. Consult the documentation for. Specific pdo drivers.
Get install asterisk. Reading package done. Building dependency tree. Si no sabéis la arquitectura de vuestro ubuntu, ejecutad en una terminal. Es que es de 64 bits.
I wrote this guide after maintaining during a full. Year a set of scripts to help user to compile and install krita. This project was named compilscripts. Thank for the very explanatory post. I did it on my win 7 desktop and it worked perfectlly. But, i have a debian 6 server with php 5.
Install first freetds, then configure one of the two odbc engines to use freetds as its odbc driver. Then use the commandline. Platform web server solution stack package developed by apache friends.
Tydzień informatyki i gier komputerowych ii jest akcją podejmowaną w ramach wikiprojektu tygodnie tematyczne. Jej celem jest zwiększenie liczby. Will install pymssql from pypi. This pypi page contains. Source distribution. Freetds is required.